Environment Pack v2    
This second texture pack contains not only 1K bitmaps for fifteen PBR textures, but also much lighter substance files (SBSAR). These substances are supported by almost all major 3D packages and game engines. It is also possible to adjust these substance's properties like, wear, color and resolution on the fly.
I also submitted the substance authoring files (SBS) for those who own Allegorithmic's Substance Designer and are keen on dissecting and modifying these textures.

Download the substances here (14 MB)

Download the textures here (143 MB)

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  Environment Pack v1
I figured it was my time to give something back to the 3D community. So here you go:
40 environment shaders for Cinema 4D R16. Built with 153 .PNG textures (color-, roughness/gloss-, normal- and height-maps) tiling seamlessly in both X and Y. Compatible with with most 3D packages.
You are free to use and modify them in any way you like.

Download at here (457 MB)
4K Desktop Backgrounds x 33    
Have you gotten a 4K screen yet? Here's 33 desktop patterns for your enjoyment. 3840 x 2160 pixels each. Free for you to play with how ever you please.

Download at mediafire.com (92 MB)